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DANCE Spectacular Productions

Song & Dance Shows to Fit Your Audience!



We can join your stream or produce it!

We provide entertainment solutions to vamp up your event or we can produce your entire meeting with all the moving parts including live and recorded assets. 

Your event can be hosted, moderated, and streamlined, maximizing your attendee experience!

Contact our Streaming Specialist Today!

Customized Themes |  Song & Dance Performances  |  Trivia Hosts  

Say goodbye to zoom fatigue! 

We've mastered the balance of high-energy entertainment with your meeting agenda. 

Move over Golden Globes, your opening session will be an event 

even Hollywood will be talking about.

Roaring 20s, 1950s, Las Vegas Showgirls, Country, Broadway Hits, 
or Holiday Spectacular...You name the theme, we've got you covered!


With our state of the art virtual sound stage and studio, we will execute top-notch quality from start to finish. 

You set the date, we'll bring the party!