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5 Simple but Fancy Hairstyles

Posted on August 22, 2017 at 6:30 PM

1.) Trendy High Bun  
When it comes to styling a high bun it's common to wear a sleek pulled back look, however, the new trend is to add a braid. Flip your head upside down and braid from the bottom of your hairline to where you want the ponytail to start. Next, wrap your ponytail into a bun or use a bun maker to give that perfect sock bun look. Now your hair is pulled out of your face for a fashionable look.  

2.) Beach Wave  
Beach waves are a simple and effortless style. Grab a wand, curling iron, or flat iron, whichever you prefer to curl your hair. Typically a flat iron works best. Separate your hair into 4-5 sections from top to bottom. When curling with your preferred iron, loosely hold your hair in the iron for 3 seconds and then release. With the beach wave style, you are not going for a perfect curl. For a more authentic look, leave the ends out when using your iron. After curling each section use lightweight hairspray. When completely finished with the entire head make sure the curls are cool. Next, brush through them with a wide tooth comb or lightly with a brush. Lastly, apply sea salt spray and run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls. Now you have that beach wave look.  

3.) High Ponytail With a Fun Twist  
Everyone knows how to wear a simple high ponytail, however, here's a fun twist to make this style different and eye catching. Simply add a braid from the front of your hairline to where you want the ponytail to start. Next, combine the hair from your braid with the remainder of your hair and secure together with a hair tie. Lastly, wrap a small strand of hair around the ponytail so the hair tie is hidden. Just like that, you have a fresh new look.  


4.) Side Braid  
If you like to wear your hair down but want to change it up a bit, this is a fun way to make that "hair down" look pop. First, part your hair where you typically part it. Next, choose the side of your head with the least amount of hair and braid that hair from the front of your hairline to behind your ear. Lastly, secure the end of the braid with a small rubber band. For finer hair I recommend bobby pins. Make sure that you tuck the remainder of your hair underneath what is down or else it will look like you have a side ponytail. Voila! Enjoy this hip new look.  

5.) Short Hair ideas  
If you have short hair, you can create all of the style ideas above. For the "High Ponytail With a Fun Twist," you can wear your hair half up and half down. For the "Trendy High Bun," you can turn the ponytail into a messy bun. For the "Beach Wave" look, while curling your hair, leave the ends out of the curling iron to create a wavier look. I personally love combing the "Side Braid" look with the "Beach Wave" look.  


By Guest Blogger: Hollie Harris, Freelance Artist
Instagram: @hairbyhollieh
Facebook: @hairbyhollieh

Editors: Lisa Michelle, Brenda PDT, Katie Rose C. 

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