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4 Things You Can Do Every Morning to Have a Better Day

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 1:40 AM

Have you ever woken up on the "wrong side of the bed" and as your day went on, one thing after the other made it worse? Here are 4 things you can do every morning to have a better day.

1.) Breathe  
I don’t want to use the word meditate because it makes people skittish, but the benefits of meditation are vast and truthful. Meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and happiness, improve concentration in daily tasks, and even slow aging and reduce inflammation. There isn’t anything you need to do it, no fancy equipment, no coach or trainer...the only thing you need is yourself and your breath. Don’t worry about how long you are doing it and don’t go into it with pre-judgement and expectation - just breathe for a few moments this morning.  

Find a space. Sit on your floor, on a chair, or even standing with your back against a wall. Close your eyes and count to 10. Focus on the balance of your breath, the rise of your inhale and fall of your exhale, the expansion and then groundedness. Focus on how your breath feels. Then open your eyes and start anew. The next day do the same if you feel like it -- count to 15 or 20. Don’t apply pressure; just be and breathe.  

Every living person can improve from meditation. And, we can all do it. Children, teenagers, adults and elderly can meditate. Black, white or brown - you can meditate. Naturally, you may feel awkward or nervous at first. You maybe worried about someone walking in on you, or just feel darn right out of place. No problem, everyone will experience these types of feelings at first. But, don’t think you’re doing it wrong. Certainly, there are monks who sit in caves and meditate for months, but that isn’t the only way to do it. You can meditate in your modern lifestyle as the modern person you are and still reap all the benefits that the monks do.  

2.) Drink water FIRST  
Drink water first before you consume anything else. Having a glass of water as you wake up will flush your body out, regulate your temperature, allow your body to absorb nutrients better throughout the day, balance your lymphatic system and hydrate you. Conclusively, you will feel refreshed, less hungry throughout the day, your bodily functions will function more effectively, you’ll think clearer and have more energy. Want to up level it? Drink it warm. This will add to the benefits by firing up your organs and increasing your metabolism. A splash of lemon juice will balance the pH of your body and clear heavy metals.  

*Writer's note: Hydration is one of the most important things you can do for a healthy body and mind. Hydrations keeps your muscles loose, joints lubricated, your blood volume at healthy levels, and balance your mood. Something that helps me is carrying a water bottle with me at all times and sipping through the day. Try adding a citrus slice or citrus essential oil for a flavor boost.  

3.) Jump  
Okay, so you don’t have to jump, but move a bit. It can be anything really. Stretch to your toes, do 10-20 jumping jacks, go for a walk, do a few rounds of Yoga sun salutations. Your body was meant to move; it was built for movement. Moving for even 10 minutes will increase your energy, both mentally and physically. Beyond the mental and physical benefits though, it will offer you a sense of accomplishment; a feeling of well-natured positivity in your life increasing your self-esteem and confidence. Life can be tough and days can be long, build through your body to create something powerful inside of you. Beginning your day with feeling that you’ve done something positive. You don’t have to stress about the calories you burn or how high your heart rate is. Just like your meditation, don’t pre judge yourself...just move a bit.  

4.) Don’t check your phone until…  
Until you’re done. Until you’re done with whatever your intention(s) is(are) that morning. This will be more powerful than you know. We slip so easily into the dark hole of modern technology. Not to say we are not blessed to be connected to others in this way and our ability elevates our lives through our devices. But staring at your phone in the morning will distract you from you. It will distract you from what you want from your morning, from the start of another cycle of the day, from an opportunity to build the foundation of your day the way that suits you best. Mornings can be sacred times in our days full of creative thinking and soft emotions. Allowing the ping of notifications, comments, and emails during this vulnerable time can set anxiety into motion and frame your day by consuming unnecessary excessiveness. So, just wait. Wait until you’re done then check your phone.  

Shelly Tranchita is a physical education teacher, Yogi, water skier, dancer, lover of life with an adventure and truth seeking spirit. You can find her at www.shellytranchita.weebly.com and on Facebook & Instagram @shellybyessentials

Shelly Tranchita  


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