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11 Audition Tips for Dancers & Singers

Posted on June 26, 2017 at 6:30 PM

If you've gone on auditions before, I'm sure you have experienced a rush of nerves that moment you were about to open the door to the audition room. Everything you have trained and worked so hard for is flashing before your eyes. Here are 11 tips to help you prepare, stay focused and nail your audition.  

1.) Read the audition info and requirements in full before attending your audition.  
Pay extra attention to details such as attire, what shoes to bring and how to wear your hair. If the casting director is asking for you to wear black jazz pants, a pink tank top and jazz shoes, don't walk in with a black top and bare feet. These details may not seem important to you however the casting director wrote that specific information for a reason. Read the info & requirements and adhere to them.  

2.) Do your research.  
Preparing for your audition includes researching who and what you are auditioning for. A quick and easy way to gather information is to look through their website if available. Watch videos, look through photos and read the "about us" section. If you want to impress the casting director, agent or producer, do your homework. This type of knowledge shows that you took the time to prepare and that you're serious about the role.  


3.) Look polished.  
Review the audition requirements for hair and make-up. Take the time to look and feel your best. Showing up like you just rolled out of bed is not the way to make a good first impression.  

4.) Calm the nerves.  
Typically when you walk into an audition, you're not alone - those darn little things called butterflies bother even the most experienced performer. Butterflies can either fuel you to nail your audition or make you blow it. Practice deep breathing exercises, relax and remember if you don't get the role, it's not the end of the world. It just wasn't your time.  

5.) Be on time.  
Have you ever heard of the saying "You never get a second chance to make a first impression?" Even five minutes late can set your audition off in the wrong direction. Dancers should allow ample time to warm-up before the audition time slot and singers should perform vocal warm-ups before arriving to your audition.  

6.) Stay off your cellphone.  
Silence your phone, put it in your bag and leave it there. Nothing is more annoying than hearing a phone in the middle of an audition. This is simple etiquette for any interview/audition.  

7.) Be confident.  
When speaking with the casting director, stand with your arms at your sides and maintain eye contact. Don't cross or fold your arms or play with you hair. This will make you look more confident and help establish a connection with the casting director. When performing your audition piece, be confident in yourself and give it your all. If you mess up, keep going. Everyone makes mistakes. It's how you handle those mistakes that will set you apart from others.  

8.) Don't over talk.  
Follow the lead of the casting director and answer questions when asked. Let your personality shine through, however, don't ramble on and on. It's great to be friendly with other dancers/singers, but you are there to make an impression on the casting director, not to make friends. This can be distracting to the person leading the audition and make you look bad. Most importantly, never interrupt the casting director, choreographer or musical director.  

9.) Know your availability.  
Have your calendar with you and be prepared with any dates you know you are not available. If you have to "get back" to the casting director, this can cause you to lose the role to someone else that was more prepared. Casting directors typically don't have time to wait around and are looking to make decisions quickly.  

10.) Give the performance of a lifetime.  
When it is finally time to perform your audition piece, be confident, passionate, focused and energetic. Don't look at the floor and if you make a mistake keep going. You have trained so long for this moment, now just go for it and give 200%.  

11.) Leave a lasting impression.  
After the audition, smile and thank the casting director for their valuable time. A good solid handshake while maintaining eye contact shows you're a true professional. A follow-up "thank you" note (not email/text) to the casting director the next day is a nice gesture and just might help you solidify getting the role.  

As a producer that has auditioned hundreds of dancers & singers over the years, these simple tips will help you ace a memorable audition and (hopefully!) land the role. Have fun, perform from the heart and give the performance of a lifetime. Good luck!

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